Double Your Downloads: 5 Proven Strategies to Doubling Your App Downloads

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5 Simple Strategies to Doubling Your App Downloads Even If You Know Nothing About App Marketing

Have you launched your app only to find that the downloads are disappointing? Are you looking for simple strategies that you can implement today that will literally double your downloads?

Yes the App Store is crowded. Yes there are those who are barely making a living off apps. And yes the gold rush days are over. However, new success stories are constantly popping up.

Having interviewed more than 300 app entrepreneurs and helped many clients reach the top charts, I've put together the definitive guide to app marketing.

In this eBook, you will discover 5 simple strategies to doubling your app downloads that you can implement today. And the best part? You don't need any app marketing experience.

These are the same strategies that I've used to:

  • Help a client generate 100K downloads over a weekend without spending a dime
  • Increase downloads for a paid app by 233% just by changing the app name and keywords
  • Help a client reach #2 paid overall app with PR coverage
  • Become a trending keyword in the App Store on multiple occasions


Steve is great! He was instrumental in getting massive awareness for Sortly. His strategies landed us press on which allowed us to be the #1 keyword in the App Store.

- Dhanush Balachandran, Founder at Sortly

Steve is an app marketing whiz who comes up with clever ideas and story angles that separates him from other app marketers.

- Gonzalo Juarez, Co-Founder at eTips

Steve knows his stuff. From app development, ASO, marketing, to reskinning and much more.

- Chris LaCombe, Director of Business Development at Apptation

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You get 3 files, so you can read in your favorite eReader - PDF, mobi, and epub.

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Double Your Downloads: 5 Proven Strategies to Doubling Your App Downloads

0 ratings
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